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Colorado Rockies vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

I love projections. Using empirically-derived weights, they reach back just far enough for data to give us a glimpse into the future. They ignore all the things that we hunger for on a daily level: swing changes, health, mindset, team cohesiveness. Just: what does this player’s past numbers say about his future?

I hate projections. They don’t care about any of the things we care about on a daily level. And if we were all going to play fantasy using the same set of projections, it would be mighty tough to trade players. Or draft players. Or do anything. The beauty is in between the numbers, where our intuition lives.

I use projections, and I also don’t. Of course this is the ‘real’ answer. Much like the debate about stats versus scouts in real baseball, no fantasy baseballer can ignore the day-to-day changes in a player’s profile, nor can they ignore the baseline set by projections. The truth is almost always in between.

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The Colorado Rockies Instagram feed released a photo of a young Troy Tulowitzki sporting an incredible Kentucky Waterfall on Thursday. It seems as though Tulo’s appreciation for the mullet goes back to his youth. The Rockies shortstop’s propensity to do strange things with his lettuce suddenly makes a whole lot more sense.

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Colorado Rockies vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

2012 Record: 64-98, 5th NL West
2012 Pythagorean Record: 69-93
Impact Player: SS Troy Tulowitzki
Impact Pitcher: LHP Jorge De La Rosa
Top Prospect: 3B Nolan Arenado

Significant Acquisitions: RHP Wilton Lopez, UT Reid Brignac, 3B Ryan Wheeler, LHP Daniel Rosenbaum, RHP Manny Corpas, RHP Chris Volstad

Significant Departures: 1B/PH Jason Giambi, RHP Alex White, RHP Josh Roenicke, LHP Matt Reynolds

The tenure of former Rockies manager Jim Tracy, who took over part way through 2009 and managed the maligned club through the end of last season, the Rockies win total fell steadily every year. From 92 wins to 83 to 73 all the way down to 64 last season — the fewest in franchise history. Entering their 20th year of existence, the Rockies are yet to figure out exactly how to build a suitable pitching staff for the high altitude of Coors Field. Last year, amidst their worst season ever, they went a little bonkers trying.

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One day, the World Baseball Classic will become a such a big deal that all baseball fans will anticipate its arrival with bated breath. Office WBC pools and lavish ceremonies wherein the groups are drawn. “WHO’S IN THE GROUP OF DEATH?”, we will nervously lament, hoping our home country avoids an confrontations with Japan until the final.

But that day is yet to dawn. For now, the groups are sort of pre-set and the roster information trickles out ahead of the official announcement. Teams are understandably jittery about sending their valuable assets humans off to battle away from the prying eyes of in-house medical staffs, but these brave men do it for their country!

Ryan Braun announced his intention to play for the US of A yesterday, and now Troy Tulowitzki says he will don the stars and bars. Wait, Troy Tulowitzki? He’s still alive?

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