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The New York Mets official Twitter account posted photos of blue home and road alternates for the 2013 season. The Mets will adopt a design similar the blue versions of their “Los Mets” jerseys that they have worn on occasion over the past two seasons.

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It happens every season, merchandise manufacturers do their best to get items available for sale to fans and on the players in the clubhouse the second a team clinches either a championship or a berth into the post-season.

Being so prepared naturally there will be items produced for teams that don’t end up winning… So, every October for longer than I care to remember, I scour the Internet.  I seek out online shops who have images of this merchandise up on their websites up in an attempt to be ready to sell as quickly as possible, the real fun of course is finding the t-shirts and caps of the teams that don’t win the big game – this is what I like to call “Phantom Merchandise”

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According to our friend Chris Creamer at SportsLogos.Net, the Houston Astros will be going back to a blue and orange color scheme for their logo and uniforms as part of their rebranding efforts ahead of the 2013 season. This is just one of the major changes that the Astros will be undertaking to their look and feel, something that Mr. Creamer predicted on this very website back in January.

The new Astros uniforms were described as very simple and traditional, a stripped down version of their original Astros uniforms which included the shooting star arching over the team script on their home jerseys.  I have been told that this shooting star is absent from the new uniforms for 2013.  Look for script similar to their road jerseys from this era.

As for the new Astros logo, I’ve been told it will be a new design for the team but similar to other recent new MLB team logos in San Diego and Washington, hard to get excited about that aspect of the new look.

The reported changes match what owner Jim Crane had said about the new uniforms when they were first submitted to Major League Baseball for approval. At the time, he referred to them as “modest,” “traditional” and “very classy.” As Mr. Creamer notes in his piece, this approach to rebranding follows the success of the 2012 Toronto Blue Jays uniforms, which borrowed from the past to make themselves new again.

Longtime Boston Red Sox player/manager/commentator/coach/ambassador Johnny Pesky died at the age of 93 earlier this week marking an end to his incredible 61 year run with the Red Sox ballclub.

The Boston Red Sox did what any team does these days when an important part of their past passes away, they announced they would be honouring Pesky by way of a uniform marking for the remainder of the season.

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As you might expect, the trade that sent Ichiro (!) Suzuki to the New York Yankees has not been without some ripple effects, most notably in terms of merchandise sales around the world. However, what might surprise you is that the increase in the number of Ichiro (!) jerseys being sold in Japan isn’t the result of his countrymen buying up new pinstripe versions of his uniform.

In the most Japanese thing ever recorded, Ichiro joining the Yankees has resulted in increased sales for his old jerseys. Yoko Masuda of the Wall Street Journal explains:

Gen Akiyama, head of the Japanese retail arm of Majestic, Major League Baseball’s official apparel manufacturer, said the store received 15 times the average number of daily orders for Ichiro’s Mariners jersey. Their stock has sold out, meaning those who still want an Ichiro emblazoned jersey will have to settle for one that comes with pinstripes.

Ichiro (!) jerseys that sport the Seattle Mariners logo can still be found online in the shop, but with additional shipping charges and additional taxes that are owed upon delivery, Japanese fans can be forgiven for wanting to buy locally.

Patriotism and baseball have always gone hand-in-hand, from Presidents throwing out the first pitch before games to Air Force flyovers to stopping the game to sing God Bless America in the 7th inning. America’s Pastime has had a long history of honouring and paying tribute to the nation while simultaneously entertaining it

Today is the Fourth of July, the 236th anniversary of the United States declaring their independence from the United Kingdom, and Major League Baseball will be honouring the event with ceremonies across the league – including the return of the camouflage team caps, which will be worn by all 30 clubs (including the Toronto Blue Jays tonight in Canada).

Earlier this year we looked at the history of MLB teams honouring America with uniform tributes.  Today we’ll continue with that idea on this special day in the U.S.A. by taking a look at baseball’s most patriotic team logos… and no, not the special “one-off” logos just worn for a game then forgotten. These are all logos worn on the field as part of a club’s regular rotation of caps and jerseys:

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The year was 1998 and the Seattle Mariners wanted to try something a little out-of-the-ordinary that season.

Turn Back the Clock uniform days had been done for 9 seasons now, the idea was getting a little stale, plus the club had already flashed back to just about every uniform they could possibly want to at that point.

Enter Mariners marketing co-ordinator Kevin Martinez who came up with the idea to, instead of turning back the clock, turn the clock ahead 30 whole seasons, to the year 2027 to celebrate the Mariners’ future 50th anniversary.

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