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Video game publishers and the World Baseball Classic have yet to come together with a playable game mode of the international tournament. If taking your country, or any country, to world baseball supremacy on the video game circuit is something you desire, well, there’s a way. All you need is a PC and a copy of EA Sports’ MVP Baseball 2005.

MVP Caribe, a modding community similar to that of MVP Mods, has put together a World Baseball Classic total conversion mod that features 28 national teams, complete with accurate rosters and uniforms. The World Baseball Classic is playable as a 30-game dynasty. You take what you can get, I guess.

All the player model restructuring and graphic enhancements that MVP Baseball 2005 allows can’t propel the game to look as sharp as MLB 13: The Show, but neither Sony or 2K Sports appear to be interested in delivering a WBC mode to gamers at this point. So, if gaming the WBC sounds like your bag, then you best scare up a copy of the cult classic baseball title.

Via Kotaku, Image via MVP Mods

2K has Jay Bruce in the best shape of his life, virtually.

This review originally appeared in March of 2012 upon the release of MLB 2K12. Since 2K Sports ostensibly updated that game’s rosters, flipped the Houston Astros to the American League, and replaced Justin Verlander on the cover with David Price, we elected to repurpose our review of last year’s game with minimal changes. Enjoy!

This past Tuesday saw the release of 2K Sports’ MLB 2K12 MLB 2K13 for Xbox and PS3.

Here is our last minute review of a rush job baseball video game.

Three Up

Overall Gameplay: One of the first things anyone familiar with the 2K series last year’s game will notice once they start playing the game is the improved identical ball physics and fielder AI. The ball jumps off the bat in much more realistic the same manner this time around and there are a lot less soft infield liners. The revamped throw meter is also a nice addition the same.

Fielding is much more fluid the same in 2K12 2K13 as well. Outfielders track down balls much less awkwardly and diving for balls has become less of crapshoot. Really, it’s all about the fundamentals and 2K has finally straightened out just copied their approach in this area.

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In Review: MLB 13 The Show


It can get pretty lonely at the top. When you’ve been on top of the mountain for too long, it can be easy to become complacent. This is not the case for the king of console baseball gaming. MLB 13: The Show has taken everything its fans have come to love about the franchise and expanded upon it with new gameplay features, presentation tweaks, and an attention to detail that’s been unrivalled since modders started tricking out the PC version of MVP Baseball 2005. This year’s instalment of the Playstation 3 exclusive is glorious in just about every facet of its existence.

First and foremost, MLB 13: The Show simply looks amazing. The series has consistently produced a highly polished product, but the implementation of the new TruBroadcast Presentation 2.0 has given The Show a sense of realism that’s rarely approached in the realm of sports gaming. Whether it’s a glimpse at any one of the new cut scenes or just the highly detailed player models, MLB 13 offers the most realistic and immersive simulation experience yet. In total, MLB 13 features upwards of 1500 new animation sequences between its regular in-game mode and Road to the Show mode. No longer will Opening Day, the All-Star Game, and the postseason come off feeling like a regular season game in mid-July.

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