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Baltimore Orioles' Davis watches his major-league leading 49th home run off of New York Yankees during their MLB American League baseball game in Baltimore

Home runs are beautiful, magical, spontaneous things. They can happen at any time in a baseball game. They can turn the tide of a baseball game in an instant. Watching live at the ballpark, the roar of the crowd tells you all you need to know about most home runs. Sometimes it isn’t the roar at all, it’s the gasp that really sells the moment.

On TV, it’s different. The crack of the bat and center field camera don’t pain the entire picture through the screen. Most home runs are accompanied by some variation of “it’s deep and outta here!” when conveyed to the listen on the radio or the viewer on TV. It’s hard to stand out from the crowd.

But some voices break through the din. Some calls are distinctive enough to bring you to a time or place when you hear it. The greats cause the hair on the back of your neck to stand on end. Let’s celebrate the best practitioners in the game by counting down the five best home run calls in baseball.

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Legendary Dodger Broadcaster Vin Scully Throws Out Ceremonial First Pitch At Dodger Game

Vin Scully is, I think most would agree, a living legend. There are not many iconic broadcasters who earn as much universal praise and adulation as the venerable Dodgers play-by-play man. Scully famously covered Dem Bums when they were still in Brooklyn before moving west with the Dodgers in 1958.

Scully instantly forged a bond with Angelinos, a bond which only grew stronger over more than 50 years and an unthinkable amount of baseball games. Spending 3/4 of his life in LA doesn’t mean Vin Scully isn’t still a New Yorker, however.

With the Dodgers scheduled to make their first ever trip to Yankee Stadium this June, there was a lot of hope that Vin Scully would accompany the team. Scully doesn’t typically travel much beyond Southern California these days, only making the Dodgers regular trips to San Diego, Arizona and San Francisco but it seemed like a trip back to Yankee Stadium might be in order.

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One of the more “interesting” revelations of Mike Piazza’s soon to be released biography includes a passage in which the surefire Hall of Famer blames Vin Scully ‐ VIN SCULLY — for sensationalizing the contract dispute which Piazza believes soured the relationship between the catcher and Dodgers fans.

L.A. TV station KTLA dug through their archives and came up with the video you see above, showing Scully “crushing” Piazza by asking him about the contract situation, ending it with a completely unfair and off-base “well said.”

I don’t know how Scully sleeps at night, knowing the damage he did to Mike Piazza’s reputation with this one cruel gesture. For shame, Vincent. For shame.

Now, if anybody needs Mike, he’s off learning capoeira to defend himself against Vin Scully’s awful retribution. claims.

God bless the brave soul who uploaded this radio broadcast of a Brooklyn Dodgers – Chicago Cubs game from 1957 to Youtube. It won’t last too long on the magical Youtubes but, until that time, enjoy Vin Scully plying his trade 56 years ago. The same Vin Scully who still works for the Dodgers.

Vin Scully. The man who opens his time on the broadcast (around 6:43) with this gem: “Despite the fact that I’ve just knocked a cup of coffee in my lap and onto a suit that’s just back from the cleaners, it’s great to be home.”

Vin Scully. The greatest of all time.

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