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The Winter Meetings in their current form are an exercise in madness. Throngs of reporters descend on some gigantic southern hotel or convention center and attempt to track their every move in hopes of breaking trades hours before an official team press release. It is an absurdity, especially when the point of the Winter Meetings in the first place was probably just to escape some cold weather and throw down some drinks in the process.

Now, we have this:

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Well wasn’t that an enormous waste of time? The worst Winter Meetings on record, notable only for the Battle of the Oily-Skinned Sycophants and a three-team trade in which the best player posted a .294 OBP last year.

Today is the Rule 5 draft, a baseball event of such importance that its greatest contribution to the world is people on the internet fighting over the use of roman numerals.

Which isn’t to say no deals were done yesterday and there wasn’t a whole bunch of groundwork laid down. Because there was, as you can see below!

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MLB: Winter Meetings

It was a tough act to follow, really. The insanity of the last few weeks couldn’t possibly carry over to the Winter Meetings, could it? As it turns out: no. There just weren’t enough players out there to sustain such levels of activity and movement. The assembled writers devolved into a writhing mass of karaoke-singing grabass, thanks to twitter the world was a worse place for it.

The moves will come but day one of the Winter Meetings resulted in a whole lot of smoke but very little fire.

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As the Winter Meetings concluded in Nashville this afternoon with reminders of the farmer’s daughters who were found among the haystacks of previous Rule Five drafts, baseball fans shed a collective tear for the end of  the 2012 incarnation of the annual conference. I’m not sure how we’ll ever manage to follow our Twitter feeds again without constant complaints about the layout of the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.

Somehow, we’ll have to manage. But until we figure out how to keep the magic of the last few days in our hearts for just a little bit longer, here is a recap of everything that happened at the 2012 Winter Meetings.

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