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MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Los Angeles Dodgers

There is a lot that comes with having Yasiel Puig in your team. Yasiel Puig is not like most players. As LA Magazine published, becoming Yasiel Puig, Baseball Supernova was not an easy process. It took money and guts and tears and all sorts of help, if you want to call self-interested crooks “help.”

Being Yasiel Puig means attracting attention. It means, in its own way, loving attention. The Los Angeles Dodgers are much better off with Yasiel Puig than without him, I’m sure the 24 other men in the clubhouse would agree.

Already this season we’ve seen the bad side of Yasiel Puig. The off-field stuff and the lateness and the circus that follows the previous transgressions everywhere they go, blowing them up and inflating them beyond the true impact that have on his teammates.

For the rest of his career, people will question Yasiel Puig’s motives, his maturity, and his commitment to winning. This will go on for a long time because Yasiel Puig is going to have a long, long career.

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Diamondbacks pitcher Miley throws a pitch during the opening game of the 2014 MLB season against the Dodgers at the Sydney Cricket Ground

Did you know they played two baseball games in Australia over the weekend? It’s true, they did. Despite one game beginning at some ungodly hour here on Earth, these games count in the standings! For real!

The Dodgers raced out to an insurmountable one game lead in the NL West. Is their hot start for real? My column:

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MLB: Spring Training-Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Dodgers

Spring Training is the opposite of memorable. It happens and then the real games begin. Hopefully nobody gets hurt. That’s the ultimate goal for most players and fans – keep everybody on the field. As such, it makes very few spring moments unforgettable.

Spring Training lolls like a ship in a gentle current, listing side to side until the season begins and real excitement spills over for most fans. It takes a lot for spring memories to persevere.

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Atlanta Braves v Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers don’t have too many holes in their lineup. We might quibble over the actual value and production that Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford might provide, but even without Matt Kemp in their lineup the Dodgers are able to put together a pretty nice batting order.

It came out this week that manager Don Mattingly could use Yasiel Puig as his everyday leadoff hitter, a move that…well it’s a move that just sort of makes sense. Which is weird, coming from Mattingly.

Considering all the Dodgers weapons, is putting Puig at the top of the order the best use of these toys. It’s the Dodgers and another First World Problem but it it worth a look.

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How it probably felt to Gerrit  Cole

How it probably felt to Gerrit Cole

It was the unstoppable force meeting the immoveable object of prospect hype: Gerrit Cole makes his second-ever big league start against the Dodgers and phenom Yasiel Puig. Cole, with all the polish and pedigree of a first overall college pitcher and Puig, the Cuban import signed after little more than a single workout.

After a whirlwind few weeks in the big leagues, these two young players captured the interest of much of the baseball-watching world. Well, Puig captured the attention of the baseball world while Pirates fans and internet types watched Gerrit Cole closely, wondering when his results would match up with his legendary velocity and stuff.

Meanwhile, Puig seems to succeed in spite of his lack of seasoning and unrefined approach. Might the man who pounds the strike zone best the man who swings without much concern for it?

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kenny powers tattoo

You like baseball, right? Well how do you feel about things tangentially related to baseball? It’s Friday, you love stuff like this!

First, there is this Kenny Powers tattoo which made its way around Tumblr (coming to me via Pitchers and Poets) today. Credit to Laughing Buddha Tattoo in Seattle for creating this masterpiece. Remember this show/guy? He was a baseball player and used frequent profanity. Good times.

Next comes something from Getting Blanked’s own Riley Breckenridge of Productive Outs – Puig Destroyer. Pig Destroyer was/is a grindcore band of some acclaim who play fast, offensive metal with insane blast beats.

Puig Destroyer plays fast, aggresive grindcore…about baseball, and Yusiel Puig specifically. Featuring Rily and Ian (the other half of Productive Outs who also plays in the great SF band Kowloon Walled City), Jon (from KWC), and Mike (formerly of Curl Up and Die), Puig Destroyer is amazing. That’s it. The song they posted today is perfect, as I’m sure the rest of the songs of this fun EP will be. Go buy a shirt.

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Atlanta Braves v Los Angeles Dodgers

There are a lot of problems with this year’s Dodgers team. A giant payroll can do a lot for a team, but it still takes time to plug a roster littered with holes like recent Dodgers teams have been, especially with recent trends that have even the smallest market teams locking up their stars before they hit free agency.

But at least they have Yasiel Puig. Selecting just one play from his first week in the majors doesn’t do it justice, but if one does the most justice to his now apparent talent, it’s his grand slam from Thursday’s game against Atlanta:

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