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That? That is the sound of inevitability. The sound of the nouveau riche throwing their money around and getting what they want. How much money? $147 million bucks. What do they want? The services of one Donald Zachary Greinke for the next six years.

It had to happen. And now it looks like it is.

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The Los Angeles Angels took the field for the first game of a double header yesterday with pitcher Zack Greinke wearing a jersey that had his name spelled “Grienke”. Apparently, he had two jerseys to choose from in his locker, and obviously made the wrong decision. Halfway through the game, the pending free agent did change shirts in what may have been his last, but definitely memorable, start for the Angels.

There is no sight as glorious as hindsight. With hindsight and its undeafted record in tow, we talk Joe Girardi’s bullpen choices, the Barves playoff celebraish, the ballard of Melky and Greinke’s big night on today’s edition of the Getting Blanked show!

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