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In the long list of things for which I have no explanation, the Baltimore Orioles signing Kevin Gregg last off season to a two year deal worth $10 million ranks somewhere between the colour of Sammy Sosa’s skin and why I still go to movies starring Denzel Washington with an expectation to be properly entertained.

It therefore comes as no surprise that the OriLOLes would not only be shopping Gregg just over a year later, but would also be willing to pay for a chunk of the $5.8 million (!) that they owe him for this coming year, according to Roch Kubato of MASN Sports.

Gregg had the sixth worst walk rate among relievers in baseball last season en route to posting below replacement numbers according to FanGraphs and Baseball Prosectus. To any team interesting in acquiring Gregg, I’d ask them to take a brief look at the best right handed reliever that they currently have on the bubble for making the opening day roster. The next five pitchers after him on the depth chart are likely better options than Kevin Gregg no matter how much salary the Orioles are willing to eat.

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Prior to the 2008 Summer Olympics beginning in China, my comrade Andrew Stoeten and I received an email from a friend at the CBC who was in Beijing to cover the games. He informed us that our website, the courageous and tellingly named Drunk Jays Fans, was in fact, banned in the country. It was a cause for celebration for the two of us, a bragging point that we shared with our friends. We were a dinky little website that someone within the Chinese government had thought to have enough importance to warrant being outlawed.

How cool is that?

By contrast, the Baltimore Orioles, while perhaps the dinkiest team in their division, are one of thirty franchises in Major League Baseball. They have little in common with a fan blog about baseball, even one as ridiculously awesome as DJF. And yet, the governing body of baseball for the nation directly to the east of China has decided to ban Baltimore scouts from attending organized games in their country.

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Predicting Future OriLOLes

With Luke Scott signing in Tampa Bay, it’s widely assumed that the Rays will no longer have a need for Johnny Damon in their lineup, freeing the designated hitter to sign with his fourth different team in four years. The Baltimore Orioles have been named by a couple of different pundits as a baseball club that requires the type of services that Damon provides.

Sure. Whatever. He can be this year’s Vladimir Guerrero if they want him to be that. In fact, he’ll probably be better at being this year’s Vladimir Guerrero than Vladimir Guerrero was last year.

But hey. Wait a minute here. Didn’t Luke Scott play for the Orioles last year? In fact, didn’t the Baltimore Orioles non-tender him in December, because he was likely to cost them around $6.5 million (a modest raise from what he made during an injury plagued 2011)? Considering that he made $5.5 million last year in Tampa Bay, how much do you suppose Johnny Damon is likely to be seeking?

I’d guess it wouldn’t be significantly less than the $6.5 million that Baltimore refused to pay Luke Scott in the first place. So, if the team does indeed follow the advice of Roch Kubatko and Jon Heyman the Orioles will have acquired another team’s cast off who was replaced by the player that they themselves cast off in the first place, all for around the same amount of money it would’ve cost the team to keep their original player, who projects to have a better season than the castoff.

Well played, Baltimore Orioles. Well played.

I really wanted to give the Baltimore Orioles the benefit of the doubt with this one. I had prepared my argument in advance, and thought that making a trade for Alfonso Soriano wasn’t nearly as dumb as the people I follow on Twitter were suggesting, especially if the deal can be worked out in a similar fashion to the one that the Cubs made earlier this week with the Miami Marlins.

Then, I looked at Soriano’s numbers from last year.

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A report surfaced earlier this week detailing a potential trade between the Baltimore Orioles and the Atlanta Braves. Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun details a rumored deal that sends Adam Jones to the Braves in exchange for Jair Jurrjens, Martin Prado and “a prospect.”

The increasingly nebulous nature of prospect aside, Jurrjens and Prado are a more than fair package for Jones; a talented outfielder with some holes in his game. At 26 Jones isn’t likely to get much better than he currently is and his next 3 WAR seasons marks his first.

Connolly claims the Orioles “wouldn’t bite” on the deal and they were roundly mocked. That is a decent haul for a league-average player heading into his arbitration years. What were the O’s thinking?!? Oh, wait. Maybe that too good to be true offer was just that: untrue.

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OriLOLes Drop Pro Scouting

I have this friend who is always behind the times. It’s as though she’s five years behind the cutting edge of pop culture and general interests. I know that sounds as though I’m being snobbish and it would be if I was writing about one isolated event,  but her entire like is being lived as though it’s 2005.

Recently, she asked me if I’d ever been to a tapas restaurant before.

Anyway, I don’t bring her up solely for the purpose of mocking. It’s just that with new General Manager Dan Duquette’s latest move in Baltimore, I was briefly reminded of her. You see, the Orioles are shaking up their scouting department, essentially dissolving the team’s professional scouting department, and reassigning those scouts to the amateur side.

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On a day when competition in the American League got a smidgen more intense with the arrival of the best player in baseball in the AL West, the Baltimore Orioles were not without some roster restocking of their own.

I’m sure it took the entirety of the Winter Meetings for Orioles GM Dan Duquette and Dodgers GM Ned Colletti to come to terms on a trade that sent left hander Dana Eveland to Baltimore in exchange for pitcher Jarret Martin and outfielder Tyler Henson.

Let’s think about this for a minute.

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