• Gene Warner of the Buffalo News has a nice summary of what’s going on and
what’s being said.

• Morgan Campbell of the Toronto Star is friendlier to Russ Brandon than we were.

• Dan Ralph of the Canadian Press points out that the NFL’s presence in Toronto hasn’t hurt the Argonauts at the turnstiles.

• Jackson Hayes of the Star notes the traffic problems the game will cause.

• The Star’s Richard Griffin says Toronto’s corporate attempt to run a tailgate party won’t stand up next to Buffalo’s pregame shindigs.

Bills fans are No. 9 in the 32-team NFL when it comes to tailgating excellence, according to one ranking. As such, they are incredulous that there are no T.O. parking lots that will allow any form of regular tailgating, with open containers, grilled vittles, lawn chairs, etc. Toronto the Good taken to the extreme.

“As for corporate involvement with the age-old art of tailgating, it’s like sponsoring sex in the hot tub. Some things are meant to be spontaneous. Tailgating is one of them. This is something Bills fans have right.”

• Allan Ryan, also of the Star, says the Argos want nothing to do with the game.

• Mike Zeisberger of the Toronto Sun notes the difference in the playing surface at the Rogers Centre.

We’ll be in the building tonight and at the tailgate party. Watch for our live blog from the press box and a post-game report.