If you haven’t heard about the rather disturbing disturbance at Ralph Wilson Stadium last Sunday, we’ll sum it up: A man, a woman, and a bathroom stall. Understood? If not, you can read the gory details here.

But amid the story of public copulation, one thing is bothering us. The Buffalo News is reporting 37 arrests were made at the Jets-Bills game Sunday. In all, 120 people have been arrested at Bills’ home games this season. And it’s only halfway done.

The Buffalo News story goes on to list the names of those arrested Sunday, and we couldn’t help but notice a disturbing trend, at least from a Canadian perspective. Seventeen of the 37 people arrested Sunday hail from Ontario. What’s up with that?

We’ve drawn three conclusions from all this. Not all of them hinge on each other, but at least one of them is right:

1) Way too many people are being arrested at NFL football games. We’re not sure if this is a Buffalo thing or a league-wide trend; either way, something’s wrong with 30 people being arrested per home game.

2) Way too many Canadians are being arrested at Bills games. North of the border, we talk a big game about being friendlier than our neighbours to the south, but those statistics are telling a much different story.

3) If this is an accurate representation of how many Canadians are travelling across the border each week for Bills football, Rogers Communications would be smart to take notice. Even if a small group of those Canucks crossing the Peace Bridge are failing to, you know, keep the peace.

And while we’re on the topic of criminal trespass charges and the unlawful possession of alcohol, here’s a look at the best 10 teams in football.

1. Tennessee Titans
Last week: 1

They barely got through a scare from the Packers. A lot of people are thinking the perfect record could be on the line this week in Chicago, but we’re not overly confident in what Rex Grossman will give the Bears.

2. New York Giants
Last week: 2

It’s hard to put too much stock into what they did against a Cowboys team that was phoning it in. The real test comes this week in Philadelphia on national television.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers
Last week: 3

Games with New England, Dallas, Baltimore and Tennessee down the stretch will force the Steelers to prove just how good they are. They probably have to win three of those games to have a shot at home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

4. Philadelphia Eagles
Last week: 9

The Eagles have outscored their opponents 76-21 dating back to the fourth quarter of their week 6 game in San Francisco.

5. Washington Redskins
Last week: 4

We’ll give them a mulligan for the tough loss against Pittsburgh. There’s still a possibility they lost in order to get Barack Obama in the Whitehouse.

6. Carolina Panthers
Last week: 5

After enduring — but surviving — a rough stretch in the schedule (Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Arizona), the Panthers get a break the next couple weeks with the Raiders and the Lions.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Last week: 8

After being outplayed in back-to-back weeks, the Bucs have a week to iron things out before hosting the Vikings in week 11. They move up here solely based on the fact they found a way to win despite struggling in Kansas City.

8. Arizona Cardinals
Last week: Unranked

That was an underrated win in St. Louis. Now, the Cards can pretty much wrap up the NFC West and send a primetime message to America against the 49ers.

9. Baltimore Ravens
Last week: 10

Sure, they’ve won three straight. But now the Ravens have to travel to Houston, which is becoming one of the toughest places to play in the league, before taking on the Giants in New Jersey. The schedule could be a hitch in Baltimore’s long-term plans.

10. Atlanta Falcons
Last week: Unranked

Who would’ve guessed in August that the Falcons would be 5-3 and battling for a division title at this point? Matt Ryan is the biggest impact rookie quarterback the league has seen in years. This team has a chance to really put a dent in the schedule with three straight home games on the docket.