“That puts the San Diego Chargers way out in front of the pack in the AFC West, and they should be as close to a lock as any team in the league to win their division title again in 2009. That certainly throws off the balance in the AFC, much less the entire league. All of a sudden, overnight, the Broncos got worse and the Bears greatly improved. Chicago should definitely be a frontrunner for the NFC North title and all the opponents of both the Broncos and Bears have different thoughts since the trade. That will alter the playoff possibilities and make it more than a chance that the Wild Card will not be coming from the AFC West, but certainly one can now come from the NFC North.”

“2. There will be no less than three OT’s selected in the top 10 picks. Out of the top 4 OT’s Eugene Monroe and Jason Smith are no brainers, but Andre Smith has character issues and scouts have questioned Michael Oher’s ability to be a franchise LT. There are simply, however, too many teams that need help at OT for this fact to be wrong. Detroit, St. Louis, Kansas City, Seattle, Cincinnati, San Francisco are all strong possibilities as landing spots for a LT this year. Michael Oher’s fantastic Pro Day vaulted him back into a conversation as a top 10 pick, and as for Andre Smith, Cincinnati doesn’t care about character and Mike Singletary won’t shy away from a teaching challenge. There is an outside chance that all four could be taken in the top 10, but that limb is still a little shaky to walk out on.”

“But instead of drafting [Mark] Sanchez, the Broncos look ready to hinge their Super Bowl hopes to … [Kyle] Orton? Yes, the guy who’s known for his love of Jack Daniels and his neckbeard — not his football accomplishments. Sure, the Broncos get two firsts, but two firsts aren’t going to do anything for you as long as you have a loser QB. Sorry, Kyle, but your game is about as good as your facial hair.”

“My point is that nobody knows what’s going to happen in the draft or how successful everyone’s going to be. I’m a believer in Clint Sintim, but he could turn out to be a colossal bust. Guys like Scott Wright at Draft Countdown–whose opinion I value a lot, incidentally–think the Falcons will go for Larry English. All of us are fumbling around in the dark like T.J. Duckett during a lunar eclipse, and while it’s pretty fun and entertaining to do so, we’re fooling ourselves if we think we’ve got even a couple of the answers.”