The NFL issued a press release today essentially boasting about how, statistically, they’re the top sport in North America.

I’m not blaming them. Check some of these numbers out.

“The NFL has been acknowledged as America’s most popular sport for the past 44 years, rated No. 1 by fans in the Harris Poll since 1965. In fact, for the sixth consecutive year, nearly twice as many people name professional football (31 percent) as their favorite sport over baseball (16 percent).”

I’ll add that the use of the term “professional football” is a big score for the CFL. (No, I’m not serious.)

Here are three other points touched on in the press release:

+ 225 million Americans watched NFL games during the 2008 regular season – nearly 100 million more than the record number of Americans who voted in the 2008 presidential election (131.2 million).

+ Super Bowl XLIII was watched by an average of 38.3 million women – the most watched show among women in 15 years (38.6 million watched the 1994 Winter Olympic figure skating competition featuring Nancy Kerrigan on Feb. 25, 1994).