Let’s face it, the long-term future of the Jacksonville Jaguars is very shaky. The Jags couldn’t sell out important games down the stretch this season, despite the fact they were in a playoff race and the fact their stadium has tarp covering up about 15 percent of the seats. Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer even reported on Sunday that there is a “very strong indication” that the team is for sale.

And while it’s been a poorly kept secret for some time that the folks building a new stadium in Los Angeles are eyeing the Jaguars like some creepy dude at a bar, things became sort of official today, when Majestic Realty Co. managing partner John Semcken said that the Jags and the Buffalo Bills are the two primary teams they’re aiming to relocate to L.A. in the not-so-distant future.

“Jacksonville and Buffalo are two teams in very, very small markets,” Semcken told the Associated Press. “They are teams that have either outdated stadiums or are having trouble filling their stadiums or both.”

Los Angeles takes “franchise precedence,” if you will. The second-largest US market lost the Raiders and the Rams in 1994 and the NFL has been hell-bent on getting a team back there ever since.

Seeing that the Bills are still wrapped up in an expensive five-year relationship with the city of Toronto (with three years remaining in the pact), Jacksonville makes the most sense, especially when you consider that a transition from Western New York to Toronto would be much more convenient if/when that relocation takes place.

And as long as Ralph Wilson keeps trucking, the Bills aren’t going anywhere.