Listen, I respect the hell out of Al Davis. The guy’s a pioneer of the football world and there’s little doubt the NFL wouldn’t be where it is today without his contributions to the game.

But enough is enough. The way he’s running the Oakland Raiders is downright embarrassing for all involved.

The franchise has operated awkwardly for years now, but things just continue to get stranger.

Davis continues to dilly-dally on what to do with his head coach. You could afford to let a coach twist in the wind like this in the 1970s, but the NFL’s offseason pace has picked up so drastically over the last 10 years that it’s no longer acceptable to delay decisions this long.

The Raiders’ season ended 17 days ago. ‘Black Monday’ was 16 days ago. Davis should’ve made his decision on Tom Cable by the end of that week. Anything longer than that, and he’s hurting his team’s chances of properly preparing for potential scheme changes, personnel adjustments, free agency and the draft.

There are two possible reasons why Davis has taken this long. The first is that it’s truly taking him this amount of time to weigh the options and make a decision. The second is that he’s just not giving it much thought. This is, after all, the same guy who reportedly arrives at the office each day at 4:30 p.m.

Neither scenario is acceptable.

And if the Cleveland Browns didn’t recently teach us that hiring a head coach before a general manager is stupid, Davis will surely trump that with his decision to interview offensive and defensive coordinator candidates “just in case.” What head coach is going to want to come on board when the bread and butter of his coaching staff has already been chosen for him by the team’s toiling de facto general manager?

Until Davis takes a step back, hires a GM and allows that man to hire a coaching staff, the Raiders will continue to be the laughing stock of football, both on and off the field.