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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Ask most guys what their two favourite things are, and they’ll almost always include sports and women. Oftentimes, they’ll list both. And that’s why the Lingerie Football League is sort of a genius enterprise. Although I’m not convinced more than an extremely small minority of viewers watch for the football, the girls are quite proud of what they’ve accomplished.

“Women playing football and actually getting respect for it?” said one girl at the Lingerie Bowl media event Wednesday. ”You couldn’t ask for anything else.”

“My family is very proud of me playing football at a professional level,” said another.

And this was my personal favourite: “This means a lot to be taken seriously in a sport dominated by men.”

The league itself is actually much more legit than I’d assumed. It has 10 teams competing from across the United States — the final four of which are here in South Florida for the semifinals and the Lingerie Bowl itself, which takes place Sunday during Super Bowl XLIV halftime.

Obviously, the league still isn’t getting much media attention, so I decided to bite the bullet and check out Media Day at Hard Rock Live in nearby Hollywood. And although the atmosphere gave off a strip club feel here and there, the girls themselves were quite cool. They’re obviously having a lot of fun, and so are the fans.

I pulled Libby Liberatore of the Chicago Bliss aside and asked her to break things down for me.

I figured I should also ask one of these girls about, you know, football. So I grabbed Shannon A’se from the Dallas Desire. And while I threw football lingo and scheme talk her way, she was a trooper, making a joke of the whole thing.

And, because I know you’re only reading this post for the pictures, I deliver to the best of my ability…

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Brad Gagnon/ -- apologizing on behalf of his camera


Brad Gagnon/


Brad Gagnon/


Brad Gagnon/

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  1. Wow! Now football can objectify women in a whole new way! This isn’t making football (which is retarded anyway) better its just making porn much much worse. Stop the madness!

  2. OK. What’s this blog about again?


  3. I’m pretty sure with a comment like that.. pessimistic should move out of his parents basement any day now.. football rules, and these women feel empowered.. who r we to tell them they’re just playin in a softcore game..!

  4. [...] my hotel lobby bar? Not quite. I developed some leads as the week wore on.I did some stuff with the Lingerie Bowl participants throughout the week, and had a tentative invite to their afterparty Saturday at the famous Hard [...]

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