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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — It seems as though we rarely have a Super Bowl without a token Canadian. This year, it’s backup Colts receiver Sam Giguère.

Yeah, “Giguère.” What kind of football name is that? The Colts have a Pierre Garçon and a Sam Giguère? Sounds more like a potential starting defence combo for the Montreal Canadiens.

“Sometimes I’ll try to talk to (Pierre) in French,” Giguère told me Wednesday. “Guys make a little bit of fun of our last names, but it’s all good.”

Giguère, who’s from Montreal and played his university ball at Sherbrooke, might not be active for Sunday’s Super Bowl — he played in only one game this season — but at least he’s on the 53-man roster.

Indy actually has a second former CIS standout on the roster, but Calgary’s Dan Federkeil is on the injured reserve.

What are the odds of that? Two Canadians from out of our university system playing on the same Super Bowl team? Giguère says it’s hardly a coincidence when you consider just how good the Colts organization is at finding hidden talent.

“The same scout that found me found (Dan),” Giguère said, adding that Indy actually turned Federkeil into an offensive lineman after he spent his college years playing on the defensive side.

Giguère himself was discovered by that scout at the CIS’ annual East-West Bowl in 2007.

But he almost went in a completely different direction. Being a Canadian, Giguère was legally obligated to play hockey growing up. Being a natural athlete, he was pretty good. He made an eleventh hour decision to pursue football, and it paid off.

“Sports were always easy for me,” he said. ”I don’t know which one I was better at, but I like football a lot and it’s worked out for me great.”

Ya think?