One thing I aimed to accomplish on my first Super Bowl trip: Get into a good party without using my credentials (which probably wouldn’t help me much anyway) and without paying. Tickets to some of the best Super Bowl week parties are scalped for anywhere between 300 and 5,000 dollars.

I attempted to exploit every resource I had, even asking many of the players if they could hook me up.

The Saints’ Leigh Torrence said he had a connection for me, but that didn’t pan out. She had already been bombarded with requests from people “who knew a player.”

I called several The Score business partners. All of them told me I was too late — all the comp tickets had been handed out weeks before.

I called an old friend who used to work as a bartender in the Miami area. Nothing there.

Time to give up? Was I resigned to spend the weekend in my hotel lobby bar? Not quite. I developed some leads as the week wore on.

I did some stuff with the Lingerie Bowl participants throughout the week, and had a tentative invite to their afterparty Saturday at the famous Hard Rock Casino and Hotel.

And Score co-worker Randy Urban was headed down to South Florida to shoot some segments with Budweiser with the participants on the Bud Plane.

In the end, both of those connections delivered. And so I was faced with a choice no man wants to make: Party with the Lingerie Bowl winners or party with the Bud girls?

After consulting with some well-placed sources with veteran Super Bowl party experience and after spending approximately 45 minutes curled up in the fetal position fearing I’d make the wrong choice, I went with the “Jamie Foxx and Friends party at the Bud Light Hotel.”

That’s right, Bud takes over an entire hotel on South Beach for Super Bowl week. And at 6:00 the next morning, when I returned home to my hotel fearing the shape I’d be in on Super Bowl Sunday, I wasn’t regretting my decision. ESPN ranked the party as one of the best of the week, with only a few other events getting more props.

Usher and Jamie Foxx co-hosted the event, with Usher putting on a pretty good show (although his dancing could use some work). Here’s a video I took:

I didn’t have my camera, mainly because I just had no room on my person, but here are some awful pictures I took using my BlackBerry:

Bud Light Hotel

Usher performing

Jamie Foxx drinking vodka on stage

UPDATE: This dude got a way better video than me: