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Does Darrelle Revis deserve more money from the Jets? Without a doubt.

Do Vincent Jackson and Marcus McNeill deserve more money from the Chargers? All signs point to yes.

Do Atari Bigby and Tramon Williams deserve more money from the Packers? Most likely.

Will holding out help any of these players? Don’t count on it.

Revis continues to sulk about his contract in New York. He’s taking plays off and running his mouth off to the media. He has a case — Revis is one of the best defensive players in the game and has probably earned an early raise — but is his approach actually going to change things?┬áDo the Jets actually fear he’ll sit out real games?

Jackson, McNeill, Bigby, Williams and a few other players from around the league didn’t sign their restricted free agent tenders in time, and the two Chargers are reportedly set to stage rather serious holdouts. But does that put the pressure on the franchise, as it’s supposed to?

I don’t think the word “holdout” scares teams like it used to. Part of the reason is that the bluffers ruined it for everyone else — all too often we see players take offseason activities off before showing up in August in order to avoid daily fines.

And another reason is that teams don’t grow old; players do.

Teams know damn well that, by holding out and missing extended periods of time, players are hurting themselves more than anyone. Biological clocks move fast, especially in a contact sport like football. The window for an NFL player to succeed is short. A long holdout will not only cost a player the money he would have made during his time off, but it’ll also shorten his career.

That makes it difficult for the players to win.

Some advice for these guys: Either find a new bargaining chip or learn to just suck it up and honour your contracts.

You know, the same thing everyone else in America does.