So it’s July…

…And nothing’s going on in the world of NFL football. Still, a few interesting stories popped up over the weekend. Here’s a look at several:

Kids say the darndest things

“Get out of my face!”

That’s what one particularly gutsy whippersnapper shouted at Brandon Marshall during Marshall’s football camp Friday.

“Then, as Nicholas started to wreak havoc elsewhere, Marshall ran him down and picked him up, slinging Nicholas around in the air by his legs as the other kids in the group gathered around and laughed.”

That additional information sort of ruined it for me. I was hoping this child would go out of his way to put Marshall in his place. In the end, though, it was just one of those warm and fuzzy NFL star football camp moments — The United Way is surely all over it.

Hollywood, NFL maintain proper balance

My immediate reaction when hearing that Kim Kardashian was dating Miles Austin: Austin has officially arrived on the scene. The undrafted former nobody out of Monmouth College was now romantically involved with one of the hottest chicks on the planet.

Usually — not always but usually — the better players date the hotter girls. And when a player takes a turn for the worse, he loses points in terms of his eligibility to date a top singer or movie star.

That’s why news that Jessica Simpson is now dating scrub free agent tight end Eric Johnson makes perfect sense. Neither is relevant anymore. They’ve found each other in the nethers of mediocrity. But maybe it’s love.

And since we’re on the subject…

As long as he keeps his clothes on

When fully clothed, Darnell Dockett is one of the best NFL players to follow on Twitter. In fact, I’ve unfollowed quite a few NFL players — but Dockett will forever stay in my feed. And it’s because the guy runs his mouth with no regard for the consequences. In other words, he reminds me of myself.

In Dockett’s latest Twitter adventure, he ripped on new teammate Kerry Rhodes, who seems to be vacationing quite a lot lately:

Nicely played, Darnell.