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Ease up on the purple stuff, JaMarcus

+ In our ongoing effort to bring you the latest in NFL crime, today we present JaMarcus Russell, who was arrested Monday afternoon and charged with possession of codeine syrup. Now, I’m not too familiar with what all the kids on the street are doing these days, but drinking any beverage named “purple drank” likely isn’t good for your health, let alone your career.

+ So where can we look forward to seeing Russell’s next awkward scramble and forced interception? Well, let’s cross the Jets off the list, the only team that reportedly showed interest in his services as a backup. So could Russell come to Canada? The home of the 55-yard field and the famous rouge? Who knows, but don’t forget that the Hamilton Tiger-Cats own his CFL rights. As Kevin Garnett would say, anything is possible.

+ Russell could also land in the UFL with the Omaha Nighthawks, otherwise known as the league where football careers go to die.

+ One by one the Chargers have lost–or will lose–key players this season unless either management or player budge during salary disputes. The highly scrutinized holdout threats from wide receiver Vincent Jackson and offensive tackle Marcus McNeil have put the team in quite the bind. And how does San Diego GM A.J Smith feel about all of this? he’s sick, and he doesn’t know what to do.

+ Already prepared to count your team out for 2010? Don’t worry, you have lots of options coming out of the college ranks, although there’s only so much stock that can be placed in July player rankings.

+ Those close to Steve McNair showed their respect in different ways over the weekend as the anniversary of his death passed, although his legacy remains at least a little clouded. On one side there is the steady, tough quarterback, and a man who was always present in the Nashville community. And on the other is the cheating husband whose infidelity led to his demise. Despite these conflicting images, Clay Travis of Fanhouse still thinks the Titans should honour their former QB with a statue.