Lunch Links: Antonio Cromartie vs. HBO

Let’s be honest. Newspapers are so 2001, and the blogosphere is just too big to sift through every day for your football fix. We have you covered with the latest stories, topics, and opinion from the World Wide Web here at the Goal-Line Stand with our Lunch Links.

+ The second week of the preseason kicked off last night with the Bills “hosting” the Colts in Toronto (see below for analysis from Sean Tomlinson and myself). The on-field storyline last night in Toronto was C.J. Spiller’s performance. The rookie running back was stellar in a starting role, and appears to be the real deal.

+ In the other game last night, Wes Welker made his return to action for New England, only eight months after smashing his knee to smithereens. Welker was targeted on three straight passes from Tom Brady. He made two grabs and got destroyed on a bubble screen. Welcome back, Wes…

+ Nothing new on the Darrelle Revis front, possibly because of the media blackout both sides are attempting to abide by. But one particularly cheeky player from a division rival wants Revis back. Oh, Brandon Marshall, you say the darndest things.

+ Two interesting nuggets from Peter King’s report from Giants’ camp: 1) Everybody loves second-year receiver Ramses Barden (but that was also the case last August, before Barden disappeared for the regular season), and 2) it looks likely that Ahmad Bradshaw will be pretty much splitting carries with Brandon Jacobs.

+ In what has already become one of the most famous scenes in reality television history, Antonio Cromartie seemed to have a lot of trouble naming his seven children on Hard Knocks Wednesday night. Now, Cromartie is claiming that HBO asked him to pause between names on purpose in a second take. HBO is of course denying the claim. Who do you believe, the dude with seven kids in five states, or the certainly evil network executive? It’s not easy.

+ Everybody loves Mike Williams. Not that Mike Williams or that Mike Williams, this Mike Williams.

+ Interesting signing today, with the Giants bringing in Shawn Andrews for one more kick at the can. Andrews has some demons, but I also think he’s a legitimately good dude, so I hope things work out for him in New York. At the very least, the former Eagle can share some secrets with his new team.

+ A big story that broke late yesterday: Kyle Orton was handed a rather surprising new deal from the Broncos. But I don’t think the one-year extension (through 2011) means Tim Tebow has two years of bench ahead of him. Josh McDaniels knows he’ll need more than one capable starter, regardless of how good Tebow looks as a rookie.

+ Um, get Tim Tebow laid.

+ Hard Knocks hasn’t exactly been making Joe McKnight look like a baller. And that’s probably why he refuses to watch.

And we digress

Is there such a thing as douchebag of the year? While there’s no officially recognized award for such a distinction, more than a few blogs have handed out douchebag hardware. What amazes me is that reality cool dude Spencer Pratt hasn’t won every one of them. How is this guy not the douchebag of the decade? Apparently, he’s writing a tell-all book about his ex-wife, former Hills co-star Heidi Montag. “My last book, ‘How to Be Famous,’ didn’t make the New York Times best-seller list because it was in the self-help section,” Pratt said. “This one is going to be totally different. I’m not holding anything back.”

Can’t wait.

People, please don’t feed the animal. Whatever you do, do not pay for this book.