• Tom Brady doesn’t have much to say regarding his contract situation, but he’s happy to talk about his relationship with Randy Moss.
  • The Onion previews the NFC South, noting that while the people of New Orleans really, really love their Saints, they’d gladly trade every win for “fully functional houses and an oil-free gulf.”
  • How seriously did Darrelle Revis‘ holdout affect his personal and family life? He had to wear an afro in public, and his mom received death threats.
  • C.J Spiller officially received the starting nod from Buffalo head coach Chan Gailey, who provided the sound, straight-forward, southern logic that Spiller has “gotten more reps than anybody else in preseason at tailback and he’s done a good job.” The boys at Buffalowdown are predictably excited about this predictable news, but noted that despite Spiller’s preseason success, the hot hand in the Bills’ backfield will get the carries.
  • Reggie Bush is focused on the Vikings, and not the Heisman. Felicia Young–Vince Young’s mom–wants all those nosy media types to leave Bush alone, adding that her son doesn’t want a second-hand Heisman.
  • Are these Old Spice commercials getting a little old? Yes. Is watching Ray Lewis riding some giant bird while wearing a white puff ball thing a great way to spend the next minute of your time? Yes:
  • Mike Shanahan didn’t want to say much about Albert Haynesworth‘s playing status for Sunday. He just said Haynesworth will be with the team, and didn’t even give the media the standard front office denial to toss aside reports of a trade in the works. It’s a good thing he didn’t talk much about Haynesworth too, because Brian Orakpo is tired of all the attention on Albert, and finds it distracting.
  • Chris Johnson rushed for 2,006 yards in only his second pro season last year, and set the record for most yards from scrimmage. But Adrian Peterson still doesn’t think Johnson does anything better than he does, and he isn’t faster.
  • Ed Bouchette doesn’t like when a few words said by a head coach get twisted and blown up by the national media. Meanwhile, Mike Florio doesn’t understand how words can be twisted when they were, in fact, spoken.
  • It’s the night before kickoff, and all through the NFL, enthusiasm and optimism are abound. Except if your name is DeMaurice Smith, who still thinks a lockout is coming in 2011.

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