GLS Week 8 survivor pool pick

Listen, we don’t do a lot of things right here at the Goal-Line Stand, but we’re realizing that survivor pools are our forte. Either that, or we’re getting lucky for once.

Probably the latter.

Regardless, we’ve nailed seven straight survivor picks:

Week 1: Giants over Panthers
Week 2: Packers over Bills
Week 3: Patriots over Bills
Week 4: Saints over Panthers
Week 5: Ravens over Broncos
Week 6: Steelers over Browns
Week 7: Chiefs over Jaguars

You either go with the big favourites, or you go against the bad teams.

Picking the faves. Here’s a look at the “heavy” favourites in Week 8:

  • Chiefs over Bills: Kansas City is a 7.5-point fave at home.
  • Patriots over Vikings: New England is a 6.5-point fave at home.
  • Cowboys over Jaguars: Dallas is a 6.5-point fave at home.
  • Colts over Texans: Indy is a 5.5-point fave at home.

Picking against the bad teams. Here’s a look at who plays the four worst teams in the league, based on my latest power rankings:

  • Chiefs over No. 32 Bills: Already took KC last week.
  • Rams over No. 31 Panthers: St. Louis is not trustworthy.
  • Cowboys over No. 30 Jaguars: Jacksonville is slumping; Dallas is due.
  • 49ers over No. 29 Broncos: Don’t touch this game, obviously.

I don’t think there’s been a more obvious pick this season. Houston already beat the Colts this year and I don’t like divisional games, so it’s Dallas all the way.

This week’s pick: Cowboys over Jaguars.