If only life were this simple for Brett Favre.

  • As seen this morning in our Buzz feed, a witness has come forward to confirm the sexts that set off Stergergate. Any girl willing to wear little clothing for national exposure is always trustworthy, so Brett Favre is screwed. Case closed.
  • While Favre looks for a size 15 shoe, Sterger continues to dodge the NFL, and hasn’t spoken to any league authorities yet.
  • As expected, the Giants placed defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka on injured reserve Thursday, with a bulging disc ending his season. Surgery remains an option for Kiwanuka, who now looks to recover from the same injury that eventually ended the career of Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce.
  • Have you ever tried to laugh for more than a minute, all by yourself? If you do, don’t try it in public, because you may end up sitting next to a homeless man in a five-foot wide cell. Even worse, you’ll look like Terry Bradshaw.
  • Albert Haynesworth has learned how to get out of the 3-4 defence he hates so passionately. Just don’t be very good at it, or at least say you’re not.
  • In these heady times full of headshots, headaches and heartbreaks, it’s easy to panic. It’s easy to look at football in all of its violence and glory, and think it may one day go the way of boxing.
  • You don’t realize just how much it’s been the year of the backup quarterback until you look down the list of second stringers who have appeared in games this season. Almost half the league (15 teams) have had to put their backup under centre at one point, and five teams have used three QB’s. Then there are the Jaguars, who have used four quarterbacks, and we’re only in Week 7.
  • Few could have sat with their ice cold Lakeport Honey Lager on their deck in mid-August, turn to their old high school buddy and say “you know what, the Chiefs will be 4-2 by Week 7.” After asking why you said that completely out of nowhere, your buddy would call you insane. Well, that guy’s a jerk, the Chiefs are 4-2, and head coach Todd Haley says it’s all because of building and developing from within.