All Jerry Jones did today was stop delaying the inevitable.

Everyone knew that, barring a miraculous turnaround, Wade Phillips was done in Dallas. But Jones apparently had some thing about not firing coaches during the season, and so when the Cowboys began free-falling toward rock bottom, Phillips essentially became a lamer duck than John Fox.

But it’s as if Jones wanted to be 100 percent sure that rock bottom would indeed be reached. It was last night in Green Bay, with the Cowboys getting destroyed 45-7, where even he had to realize there was no use waiting it out. America’s Team has now surrendered at least 35 points in three straight games, all losses. They’ve lost five straight overall, and suddenly a sell-out isn’t a sure thing at their shiny new stadium.

With the NFL’s hottest team on the slate in Week 10, Jones obviously decided that he’s been embarrassed long enough. Because with Phillips now gone, he’s saved some face with media and fans. It took a little too long, but now he’ll have somewhat of an excuse when his team gets plowed in New Jersey next Sunday.

Jason Garrett is expected to be named the team’s interim head coach, but I highly doubt Jones keeps him around for 2011. Garrett is nearly as responsible as Jones is for the debacle in Dallas, and his sparkling reputation as a blue-chip head coaching candidate has evaporated.

Jones should begin the process he underwent when he hired Bill Parcells in 2003. He should devote the next two months to finding the perfect men to run his operation. And I say “men” rather than “man” because, for the first time since he bought the team in 1989, he should hire a general manager, too. video: Jerry Jones talks