• The suspension of Albert Haynesworth was a small victory for anyone who respects the integrity of organized team sports, which should be everyone. Haynesworth has a brash, self-centred personality that leads him to clash with authority figures, and shut down whenever his desires aren’t satisfied. The lack of effort he put forth routinely is a disgrace, but at least it made for good comedy, and a pretty appropriate theme song:
  • With Haynesworth set to appeal his suspension, get ready to read a lot of legal jargon over the next few weeks, startingggg…now!
  • The word “respect” is tossed around as this elusive concept in sports that’s difficult to obtain. It’s not, or at least it shouldn’t be. For Haynesworth, he simply needed to refrain from being a self-obsessed jerk. It’s a feat that, according to teammate Vonnie Holliday, proved to be too difficult.
  • Journalists sometimes ask odd questions to explore different story angles. I’m aware of this, like we all are, and it’s a perfectly fine pursuit of journalism. Writers need fresh angles, and the abstract mind is the best tool to unearth a unique piece of information. But often this leads to attempts to draw comparisons that shouldn’t be drawn, like LeBron James being asked to compare himself to Brett Favre.
  • There’s nothing quite like pure, unbridled hatred amongst fans. Somehow four minutes of unfiltered crowd audio from the Patriots’ dismantling of the Jets Monday night made it onto Youtube. There’s some mild NSFW language, but it’s a good gauge of the gloating that took place in the final minutes:
  • Judging by the scoreboard, and the fact that the Patriots were still pushing for the endzone late into a blowout, Bill Belichick sure seemed like a coaching who wanted to rub his opponent’s face in the mud. But he was still remarkably bland and reserved in his post-game comments, treating a win over the Jets like any other win, writes Dan Wetzel.
  • Ravens tight end Todd Heap will miss this week’s game against Houston. Heap pulled a hamstring early in Sunday’s loss to Pittsburgh.
  • The Steelers will likely have to adjust to life without Heath Miller this weekend, who’s listed as doubtful after being on the wrong end of an illegal hit by Baltimore’s Jameel McClain.
  • When the Chiefs accidentally beat the Seahawks, all of Kansas City was baffled. Especially Dwayne Bowe, who was startled after catching the ball and ran frantically.
  • Basketball fans and players are quite nice when a singer flubs the national anthem. Football fans? Not so much.

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