1. Tebow’s debut: More on God’s favourite quarterback and his impending first career start comes from theScore.com’s Sean Tomlinson.

2. Webb’s debut: Tebow isn’t the only rookie who was once considered to be a better prospect as a receiver set to make his debut this week. It’s fitting that many say Joe Webb isn’t ready to start (or even take backup snaps) at a professional level, because Webb will make his first career start in a college stadium.

3. Grossman’s latest debut: It was fascinating seeing Brett Favre in street clothes on the Minnesota sideline last week. It might be even more awkward watching Donovan McNabb on the Washington sideline this week.

4. Cassel’s appendix: It’s a battle of pleasant surprises in St. Louis, with Kansas City trying to protect its small AFC West lead against a very similar upstart Rams team. Matt Cassel might play despite the fact he underwent an appendectomy less than two weeks ago. There’s no way Cassel’s going to be close to 100 percent. Kansas City has the top-ranked running game in the league, but that has a lot to do with Cassel, who was the AFC’s offensive player of the month in November.

5. Polamalu-less Steelers: Troy Polamalu is probably a defensive player of the year frontrunner at this point, so it’ll be interesting to see how much his absence affects the Steelers in a big home game (and potential playoff preview) against the Jets. New York might have just gotten its biggest break of the year.

6. Rodgers-less Packers: The Packers offence might rely on Aaron Rodgers even more than the Steelers defence relies on Polamalu. With Matt Flynn in for the concussed Rodgers, it’ll be almost impossible for the Pack to hang with the Patriots at Foxborough. Green Bay’s playoff hopes continue to slide.

7. Race for the No. 1 pick continues: The race might actually end Sunday, with 2-11 Cincinnati favoured to beat Cleveland at home. If that happens and the 1-12 Panthers fall to the Cardinals, Carolina is almost certain to have the top choice in April’s draft.

8. AFC South on the line: The Jaguars can clinch the division with a victory in Indianapolis, which is of course a very difficult task. Making things more difficult on the Jags, it looks as though Indy will have Austin Collie back to lend Peyton Manning a hand. This might be the game of the day.

9. NFC East on the line: Neither the Eagles nor the Giants can clinch the division with a victory, but it would be very hard to blow it in the final two weeks. These are two exciting, evenly-matched teams that both have realistic hopes at the Super Bowl. Considering how good Atlanta has been at home this year, it might be almost impossible for the loser of this matchup to get to Dallas. Okay, maybe this is the game of the day.

10. Potential Super Bowl preview in Baltimore: The Saints offence is rolling on Super Bowl-like cylinders, and the defence has been better than you think. The Ravens, though, are at home and have their backs against the wall. Veteran teams with guys like Ray Lewis are dangerous in those situations. Hmmm, there are quite a few good games this week, aren’t there?

Appendix cartoon via ESPN.com.