We all have a morning routine. Some people walk the dog, brew the coffee, and then make a few cheese sandwiches for the kids before hopping in the minivan. Others roll out of bed, brush their teeth, and grab the lunch pale and hard hat before heading out for another day in the metaphorical–or perhaps literal–salt mines.

For bloggers, the first order of duty at the beginning of each day is to comb through the darkest corners of the internet to see the morning’s headlines. It’s not often though that the headlines become the story. Thank you, New York Post. Somewhere there’s a poor dead horse being flogged.

We’ve been increasingly using our amateur Photoshop skills to have some fun, but unfortunately the image above is not our handy work. It’s the actual front page from this morning’s New York Post, the esteemed bastion of fine Big Apple journalism.

By posting this here, we’ve doing exactly what the Post wants us to do. We’re taking their sensationalize Photoshopping and pushing it along to the point that it goes viral. Well, who are we kidding, that’s probably happened already. Label me guilty as charged as an aider and abettor in the Post’s attempt to make millions roll their eyes if you must. But I believe if there’s any public service our little space of the football blogosphere can uphold, it’s preserving the historic value of the mainstream media’s stupidity.

This isn’t the first time the Post has showcased its picture manipulation skills with Vick. When the Eagles and Giants met earlier this season, New York “unleashed the hounds,” according to the Post.

In fairness, not all front page photoshopping is bad photoshopping, and not all naked is good naked. The Post had some fun with Derek Jeter a while back. Some laughed, others rolled their eyes, and we moved on. But it’s pretty difficult to have a hearty chuckle about an image that makes reference to a criminal offence, and the killing of animals.

What a nice way to start your morning.