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I'd love to be a fly on the wall when Jeff Fisher received his holiday greeting.

The holiday season is a joyful time filled with family, friends, and food. And if you’re a member of the Tennessee Titans organization, you even received a nice helping of awkward symbolism.

Yes, that’s the actual Christmas card sent out by Titans owner Bud Adams this year. The card is real, but the picture is not. Adams wanted to be pictured between two of his team’s stars, Vince Young and Chris Johnson, and was photoshopped in along with the cute little Christmas hats.

It’s fun to envision a cackling Adams as he devised his evil plot to send Jeff Fisher a very public message. After Young’s season ended with a thumb injury and his relationship with Fisher began to deteriorate, Adams reaffirmed his support for Young despite the quarterback’s continued petulance. It wasn’t difficult to read between the lines of Adams’ statements, and conclude that Fisher may need to learn how to play nice with Young, or find employment elsewhere.

But Adams wasn’t actually smiling like The Penguin while hatching the idea for this card. Let’s pause before flipping Adams the bird, because according to ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky, this idea was conceived in mid-October. That was a time when all was quiet in Tennessee, and Young was tossing touchdowns instead of shoulder pads.

From Kuharsky:

There is nothing unusual about an owner wanting to be flanked by two of his stars.

Though it was a pre-controversy idea, it still can’t help but appear symbolic.

Anyone with real insight into Young’s situation with the Titans has talked about how he needs to stand on his own and behave the way a fifth-year player should. One of the reasons he has not had to is because he has always had Adams to lean on.

And now he’s got the picture, conceived by the big boss, to prove it.

Nope, there’s nothing unusual at all about an owner wanting to be pictured alongside two of his largest investments. There’s also nothing unusual about Adams being incredibly blunt.

These cards were undoubtedly produce in mass quantities. But with Adams’ deep pockets, spending an extra sawbuck or two and getting another batch done with a player who hasn’t put a firm wedge between himself and his coach would have been a good idea in hindsight.

He also could have spent a few dollars to upgrade to the latest version of Photoshop. All that’s missing from this amateur hour project is a few cool clipart images from Corel Draw.

Hat tip to the Spotress of Blogitude