1. DeSean Jackson’s walk-off return

2. Jacksonville’s Hail Mary

3. Tony Moeaki with the catch of the year

4. Pierre Garcon with the other catch of the year

5. Troy Polamalu’s flying tackle

6. Roddy White’s game-saving forced fumble

7. Troy Polamalu’s pick six

8. LeGarrette Blount’s somersault touchdown

8a. Bonus play! Blount can hurdle, too! (Had he scored, this would have made the list.)

9. Dan Connolly’s return

10. Reggie Hodges’ 68-yard run on a fake punt

11. Aqib Talib uses his legs

12. DeSean does all the work

Comments (3)

  1. How can you not have the Marshawn Lynch TD run against the Saints in the Playoffs in here? That could have been the best play I’ve seen in a decade!

  2. How about you get some videos on here that people can actually watch…all but one were removed due to copyright issues

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