That's right, Big Ben is all grown up now.

Ever so slowly we’re creeping up on the one year anniversary of Ben Roethlisberger’s night on the town in Milledgeville, Georgia, when he allegedly harassed a local college student.

But Big Ben isn’t dwelling on the past, so why should we. Nope, that’s all calm, gentle water under that strong Steelers bridge now. It’s a fading memory of an offseason gone terribly wrong for a quarterback who has grown and matured since serving his four game suspension.

He’s grown so much that he’s now reportedly engaged to a local Pittsburgh girl. Just don’t ask him about it.

If you believe the always reputable Newcastle News–the apparent standard for small town Pittsburgh-area gossip that confirmed the engagement yesterday–then her name is Ashley Harlan, a native of nearby Lawrence County.

And she looks like this:

As Mike Florio correctly observed, this barely qualifies as post-worthy, even by our loose, at times oddball standards. But given Roethlisberger’s (hopefully continued) transformation, the fact that he’s now settling down is notable, and commendable.

And don’t lie, you wanted to know what the woman to finally bring down Big Ben looked like.