Are you a shocked and appalled Raiders fan, filled with anger and resentment that your team has fired its head coach (despite massive improvements) and has pretty much lost its best player (despite signing a long-term extension two years ago)?

Well, it gets worse.

Guard Robert Gallery, who has proven to be a steady and consistent contributor to the Oakland offensive line, is also slated to become a free agent because of the same type of oddity that has voided Nnamdi Asomugha’s contract.

In all, 25 Raiders could become free agents when the new league year gets underway. Some of the more notable names: Asomugha, Gallery, Richard Seymour, Zach Miller, Langston Walker, Michael Huff, Michael Bush.

Of course none of this matters if the new league year doesn’t arrive until summer time or later, which is a very real possibility with a lockout looming. There’s also a chance free agency is skipped entirely this year, so the Raiders have that going for them…