Antonio Cromartie speaking his mind about Tom Brady was the beginning of the circus we all expected during the lead up to Jets/Patriots on Sunday.

Now we have a full Cirque Du Soleil style spectacle, complete with dancing monkeys, jumping mountain goats, and children who throw each other with their feet.

Oh, and Star Wars characters. All of them.

Today the fine journalistic institutions in Boston and New York took the battle between the two cities from profanity to Photoshop, with the New York Post easily winning the prize to appease the percentage of the population hooked on illegal drugs.

The Post is well known for its front page creativity, especially in the sports section. Some of it is tasteless, but most often it’s harmless fun.

This morning, things really escalated quickly:

If an inebriated Joe Namath wasn’t attractive for Suzy Kolber, this Yoda version definitely isn’t winning any points either.

So in addition to taking home the drug appeasing category, the Post also wins for originality. That’s because while the Metro in Boston still showcased some quality photo manipulation work, the foot jokes in reference to Rex Ryan are already getting overdone, and a little stale.