Earlier today I wrote that the Rex Ryan foot jokes are already becoming a little stale. Yes, it’s true. Soon they’ll go the way of Brett Favre penis jokes and die in the wasteland of unoriginal comedic sports fodder.

Wes Welker knows this, or at least we’ll pretend he does. To revive a slowly dying joke, an original and fresh angle is needed. Welker’s weapon was subtly, and lots of it.

That’s 10 foot references by the Patriots wide receiver during his press conference yesterday. Indeed the best “good little foot soldiers” will win Sunday.

In typical Jets fashion, the smack talk coming out of New York has been boisterous, brash, and blunt. And in typical Patriots fashion, the little talking they’ve done has been executed in stealth mode.

Welker chose brains over brawn. I guess teams really are a reflection of their coaches.