This is as obligatory as ourĀ sports babe. Aaron Rodgers is in the process of leading the Green Bay Packers on what might be a history-making playoff run. Rodgers replaced Brett Favre three years ago. At one point, Favre was a god in Wisconsin, but now he’s reviled by cheeseheads. Rodgers is the new emperor of Titletown, and he can secure a lifetime crown with two more wins this postseason.

Here’s a comparison of Rodgers and Favre, three years into their respective careers as starters:

Aaron Rodgers (2008-2010) vs. Brett Favre (1992-1994)

Rodgers: 47
Favre: 45

Win-loss record
Rodgers: 27-20
Favre: 26-19

Playoff record
Rodgers*: 2-1
Favre: 2-2

Super Bowl wins
Rodgers*: 0
Favre: 0

Completion percentage
Rodgers: 64.6%
Favre: 62.4%

Passing yards
Rodgers: 12,394
Favre: 10,462

Yards per attempt
Rodgers: 8.0
Favre: 6.6

Passing touchdowns
Rodgers: 86
Favre: 70

Rodgers: 31
Favre: 51

Passer rating
Rodgers: 99.4
Favre: 83.1

Rushing yards
Rodgers: 879
Favre: 616

Rushing touchdowns
Rodgers: 13
Favre: 4

* Still alive in the 2010 playoffs

Rodgers clearly has the edge, and he can only add to his legacy with a win against the rival Bears this weekend to punch a ticket to his first Super Bowl. But consider also that Rodgers spent the first three years of his career on the bench, learning from Favre. He didn’t make his first career start until he was 24. Favre was 22, and he didn’t become the Favre we grew to love until 1995 and 1996.