Matt Moore wants to remain in Carolina. How do we know this? No, Adam Schefter didn’t utilize his sources. No, a North Carolina-based reporter didn’t land an exclusive.

We know this because Moore has stated his intentions, unfiltered, on his own website, (this guy had him beat).

I love this idea. Moore, who has posted six blogs since launching the website just under a year ago, is able to relay his thoughts on a rocky 2010 season without having to fear the editing process applied quotes pulled from scrums in the mainstream media.

Moore’s chances of staying in Carolina improved drastically when Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck decided to stay in school. Now there’s a solid chance the Panthers use the No. 1 overall draft pick on someone who doesn’t play a position that starts with “q” and ends with “k”. Lucky him.

And while Moore’s first season as Carolina’s starter was a failure (he ended up starting fewer games than he did in 2009), rookie Jimmy Clausen wasn’t much better in relief. New head coach Ron Rivera will want to let Moore, Clausen and maybe others fight it out in training camp.

It’s amazing how quickly you can lose it all in this league, eh? Just a year ago, Moore was a moderately-touted starter for a team many expected to contend for a playoff spot. Now, he’s a free agent with an uncertain future:

“For next season everything is kind of unknown right now. My contract is up and I’m dealing with that. I have to just kind of wait until the players and owners figure out the collective bargaining agreement. So I’m sitting tight and waiting to see what goes on with the league.

“Obviously I would love to stay in Carolina. But nothing will be set in motion until some other things are sorted out. So I’m just hanging in there, getting my shoulder better and hoping we can work something out.”