Jimmy Traina from Sports Illustrated’s Hot Clicks discovered quite a unique posting on Pittsburgh’s Craigslist today:

But is it possible that the Steelers’ best deep threat may happily welcome an invitation to Revis Island? ESPN’s KC Joyner — via The Big Lead — claims that Mike Wallace is well-suited to have success against Darrelle Revis:

Even if he does send Revis after Wallace, the Steelers can take solace in that there are certain route types that work quite well against Revis.

Put it all together and it likely means Wallace will post quality numbers even if his weekend travel plans include a stopover on Revis Island.

Over the course of the season, Revis-covered receivers are 10-for-21 for 153 yards and two touchdowns on routes that cut to the inside (e.g. slant, post, skinny post, deep in, etc.).

Some of that production came early in the season, but Revis still struggled late in the year against slants and skinny posts, as pass catchers were 4-for-5 for 54 yards on those routes against Revis since Week 8. If the 15-yard slant completion that was nullified by a penalty in the Week 9 game against Detroit is included, it would move that total up to 69 yards on six targets.

Since Wallace is 6-for-10 for 117 yards on routes of that nature this year, it means he is adept at the one area where Revis has shown a historical propensity to give up yards.