Advertising has come a long way from those family friendly marketing figures like the creepy old Orville Redenbacher guy in his bright red suspenders and bow tie, and eight-year-old kids yelling for a large jug to bust through a wooden fence.

Yes, it’s official: sex sells. I’m sure this is a startling new concept, and I’m sure you didn’t see at least a dozen ads using that very concept on your commute to work this morning. It’s really catching on, and especially during the Super Bowl.

Just over two weeks from now, two teams will compete to be the NFL’s champion for 2011. But during the many, many commercial breaks, a much larger and far more expensive battle is taking place between advertisers. Over the last 10 years, the allotted ad time during Super Bowl telecasts has increased by 18 percent. During that time viewers also sat through 425 total minutes of commercials, with the total ad space valued at $1.62 billion.

This year companies will be forking over about $3 million U.S. to Fox for a 30-second spot. When that kind of dough is being tossed around, some creativity and envelope-pushing ensues. Inevitably, a line is crossed, and a handful of ads are rejected.

So step right up, Ashley Madison, you’re first in line this year. I can’t imagine why their ad was rejected by Fox

Thanks, I was already having a re-occurring nightmare with smiling bunnies.

It’s certainly no surprise that a company based on providing an avenue for married people to have affairs pushed the boundaries of taste a little too far. It is mildly surprising that Ashley Madison keeps trying, and has now had their Super Bowl ad rejected two years in a row. And it was quite surprising when the website attempted to buy the naming rights to the New Meadowlands Stadium last summer with an offer of $25 million.

While they may have produced the latest in Super Bowl sleaze, Ashley Madison’s effort isn’t the first rejected ad, and it definitely won’t be the last one either. Here are some of the other dandies that have hit the cutting room floor over the years for your viewing and comedic pleasure, with one parody thrown in for good measure. Some of these ads were re-edited to cut out the naughty parts and hit the airwaves at a later date with less eyeballs on the screen, and predictably many of them are trying to sell you beer.

Oh, and I’m fully aware that we’re doing exactly what Ashley Madison and these other companies want us to do by posting their commercials. But hey, they’re making money either way, and lots of it, so who are we to fight the man? I say put down your pitch forks and daggers, and bask in the absurdity.

What is that little fellow on the front of your garment?

Nothing says vegetarian like lingerie and hot tubs

Well, good luck finding someone with a hot cousin (not real, but let’s pretend)

For every article of clothing, you get a free Bud Light

This man really wants Doritos

Snap responsibly

What could possibly make this moment more perfect?

Easily the most blatant attempt to have an ad banned and get in this post

The Apology Bot 3000

Great taste, or less filling? (full original banned version)