• Looks like Tom Brady won’t be riding his scooter for a little while. The Patriots quarterback who prefers Broadway theatre over game study will be going under the knife for foot surgery to address a stress fracture.
  • Brett Favre just keeps teeing up the parody-makers lurking in the darkest corners of the interwebs, and those masters of mockery keep driving it down the fairway. Yesterday, the legacy hatred of LeBron James and his summer of fun was channeled for the latest Favre classic to go viral, as the kids say these days. Today, via our own Buzz feed and the always bitter OttawaGhOst, we bring you what actually happened in Favre’s last press conference (not really):
  • AEG just made Ice Cube really, really happy. The Los Angeles based sports and entertainment company made a presentation to an L.A city council committee Wednesday regarding the construction of an NFL stadium located next to the Staples center. The committee liked what it heard, and elected to move forward with a formal working group and financial analysis to thoroughly review plans to build the 64,000 seat stadium valued at $1 billion. It’s just another step towards the inevitable conclusion of the NFL returning to one of the largest American markets.
  • Believe it or not, athletes are human, and maintain human relationships. They do this even with the opposition, god forbid, and they especially do it when they once played for the opposition. This puts Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes in a interesting position this weekend when his current team plays his former team. Holmes still exchanges texts regularly with Hines Ward, and has Steelers defensive back Ike Taylor as his offseason workout partner. Taylor says Holmes is “his boy,” but he’s going to be “as disrespectful as possible” on Sunday.
  • The trend of Championship Weekend being far more entertaining than Super Bowl Sunday–at least in terms of game quality–has been bucked in recent years. But there was a time when we could rely on the conference championship games for epic battles, while the Super Bowl was the more unpredictable fickle sister. The pros and cons of the two most anticipated football weekends of the year are laid out by Shutdown Corner.
  • Chicago beat Green Bay in our weekly City vs. City breakdown, but who wins when it’s just food and beer in the showdown circle?
  • Andre Reed is a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame for the fifth consecutive year, and he thinks this time he’ll finally get his keys Canton.
  • Vince Young is still using the word “elite” to describe his status as an NFL quarterback.

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