Why on Earth would Fox step up onto its moral high horse to protect children nationwide from a bobblehead proclaiming its hatred for the leader of the free world? This is against everything that’s righteous and holy.

I have my right to free speech, and I should be allowed to see a Barack Obama figurine receiving the death stare before doing a faceplant into a fishbowl.

Before you cast this aside as sheer ridiculousness and absurdity, I assure you it’s real, and Fox has issued a statement deeming the 30-second spot to be “unacceptable“. And before you cast this aside as another Super Bowl ad made with the sole purpose of getting rejected and gaining publicity, the creator of jesushatesobama.com would like to assure you that’s definitely not the case.

Richard Belfry is outraged. Or at least he’s good at faking outrage:

“Do I really believe (that) Jesus really hates Obama? No, but I do believe in freedom… as in the freedom to poke fun at the Obama administration when I don’t agree with their policies.”

Belfry is a conservative comedian who clearly enjoys using bobbleheads to symbolize a higher power. He’s sold over 70,000 “Jesus Hates Obama” shirts from the back of his van and through word of mouth.

Hat tip to the Sportress of blogitude