Chad Ochocinco approaches life like a cute puppy. He’s fun, entertaining, and your kids love him. But he treats everything like it’s his toy, and eventually he’ll pee on your carpet.

Ochocinco’s favourite toy has been his name. Since August of 2008, he’s forced writers, announcers, and the general public to address him by a ridiculous Spanish name. At first the moniker truly seemed like it was just a name, but it quickly developed into an alter ego, a character that grew with each verbal diarrhea tweet.

Now he’s done with it. Like an old stuffed animal, he’s casting his Ocho persona aside and going back to his birth name of Chad Johnson. Or at least that’s what he told ESPN’s NFL live.

No official papers have been filed, but it’s only a matter of time. He called the Ochocinco name “fun,” and said now it’s time for another change of scenery.

“I don’t have a choice right now. I’ve done enough with the Ocho thing.”

I know what you mean, Chad. There’s nothing worse than having the same name for more than a few years.

Good luck fighting Reebok on those jersey sales. Who knows if it’s Chad Ochocinco in those commercials, or if that’s really Chad Johnson, but a name change rendering warehouses of Ochocinco jerseys useless won’t go over too well with those big wig executives. Of course if he’s playing football somewhere else in the near future, none of this will matter anyway.

Rumours of Ocho’s demise in Cincinnati may or may not be greatly exaggerated, and only time will tell. Currently he’s busy planning a cage match with Marvin Lewis after his coach was quite candid about his feelings towards the boisterous receiver.

For now he’s still wearing those Bengals stripes, and aside from dropping the name change plans Ochocinco also told ESPN that he’d like to stay in Cincinnati. He’s due $6 million next season, and is a free agent in 2012, assuming a lockout is averted.

Puppies just aren’t as cute anymore once they’re all grown up.