• It looks like Cutler wasn’t the only one dealing with an MCL sprain this year, as Saints quarterback Drew Brees was hobbled by a similar injury. Brees played through his sprain, but there are different severities of MCL injuries, and Brees had a low-grade sprain.
  • Twitter is also wonderful because it gives players and coaches easier access to public feuding, because we all can’t get enough of that. Bengals coach Marvin Lewis told the Boston Herald that Bill Belichick is too smart to make a mistake like acquiring notorious malcontent Chad Ochocinco. The wide receiver responded on Twitter by asking if anyone saw the license plate of the bus he was thrown under. He followed that up with an entirely reasonable request, asking ESPN’s Adam Schefter to organize a cage match.
  • The Super Bowl isn’t nearly as much fun if we can’t scrutinize a player’s shoulder, ankle, toe, knee, finger, etc. for two weeks like the seasoned medical professionals we are. So shame on you Steelers centre Maurkice Pouncey for already proclaiming that you’ll suit up against the Packers, and that you “know how to attack” your sprained left ankle. I was counting on the @pounceysankle Twitter account to tell me everything.
  • The Packers didn’t escape unscathed either after their championship game Sunday. The wonky shoulder of Aaron Rodgers was overshadowed by the aforementioned social media storm around Cutler, but it was especially clear in the second half that Rodgers wasn’t his usual self. While a legion of cheese wearing crazies will lose sleep, Packers head coach Mike McCarthy isn’t worried. McCarthy said Rodgers is sore after his run in with Danieal Manning during his first quarter rushing touchdown and a later hit from Julius Peppers, but he’ll be fine.
  • The differences between the personalities of the Patriots and jets is still glaring a week after the two teams met. Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie spoke bluntly about the player’s union and NFL leaders yesterday, while Patriots receiver Wes Welker apologized for what was an innocent and clever bit of Rex Ryan foot fetish fun.

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