If someone is willing to pay for a product or service, usually that product or service will be provided. Often it comes at a premium cost, and often the buyer isn’t getting exactly what they thought their hard earned dough was purchasing.

Welcome to the already quite zany world of Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, where over 2,000 workers are burning the midnight oil to plant another 15,000 seats into the concrete of what was already the world’s largest indoor stadium. Some of those seats–as seen above–will have a severely obstructed view.

Sure, that view is still OK. And it’s the Super Bowl, an event where many fans with far too much disposable income slam down large sums of money just to say they were there, regardless of how much their nose bleeds due to crappy seats. But this particular arrangement takes out one of key attractions of Cowboys Stadium: the massive video screen.

Yep, that’s pretty important. You can see the whole playing field from the temporary seats, even though you’ll suffer from blinding tunnel vision while squinting to see anything at the far endzone. But anyone who has attended any sporting event knows how important it is to see replays, and how incredibly frustrating it can be when you can’t see them.

Nothing is official yet. Bill McConnell, the NFL’s director of events who spoke to the Dallas Morning News, said an evaluation process will take place.

“Our ticketing people are going to go through with the people that are building the seats to make sure which ones are obstructed and which ones aren’t. There is a process in place to determine which seats will be included on game day. … Some seats that are here now won’t be there on game day, and some may be added.”

Right. Given the sheer demand for the most sought after ticket in sports, there’s little doubt that some poor schmuck will end up staring at a staircase for a minimum of $600. Hell, some other loon probably will pay even more to sit on a stool beside the concession stand.

But hey, as long as you get through the doors there’s always the chance of a lap dance.

Hat tip to the Sportress of Blogitude.