• Bob Sturm of the Dallas Morning News updates the NFL’s all-time franchise rankings each year after the Super Bowl using a rather intriguing points system. This year the mountainous lead the Cowboys built leaves them on top despite their poor season, but barely.
  • Alex Rodriguez doesn’t understand that it’s called PDA (public displays of affection) for a reason. If it’s done in public and you’ve earned the kind of pretentious reputation that’s followed A-Rod, there’s a good chance you’ll be ridiculed for your little intimate moment. Yesterday the Chicago Sun-Times reported that Rodriguez wasn’t too happy about being shown on-camera during the Super Bowl while his girlfriend Cameron Diaz fed him popcorn. He reportedly asked Fox producers to guarantee that he wouldn’t be shown again throughout the broadcast.
  • A Fox spokesperson issued a statement telling Rodriguez what’s blatantly obvious to the rest of us.
  • I missed this during the build-up to the Super Bowl, and immediately upon reading it did a facepalm. Here at GLS we spent two weeks putting the Steelers and Packers under a microscope in every conceivable way, but how could we forget to gauge the sexual prowess of each city? Dammit.
  • Hines Ward is set to go under the knife twice in the next week for knee and thumb surgeries. But fixing a broken heart isn’t quite as easy. Ward says he felt as though he was in the zone and wanted an opportunity during the Steelers failed final drive on Sunday, but the ball didn’t come his way.
  • Phil Simms has apologized for his display of overly aggressive parenting that led to a confrontation with Desmond Howard Saturday in Dallas.
  • It’s becoming increasingly clear that a lawsuit over the Super Bowl seat-gate is coming. So clear that lawyers are speaking in legalease, and referencing Texas consumer-protection law in their pursuit of reparations.
  • In typical scripted sporting event fashion, The Miz–the current WWE champion–isn’t too impressed with Aaron Rodgers parading around with a title belt. He told the Packers quarterback to step into the ring at Wrestlemania and earn it.
  • The link between the WWE and the Packers continued last night with Clay Matthews appearing as a special guest referee. The video is shot by someone whose nose was bleeding profusely while sitting in the upper deck, so you’ll just have to believe us that it is indeed Matthews. You always believe everything we tell you, right?

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