The story of Legedu Naanee’s arrest is borderline comical, just because Naanee did his best impression of a clichéd dumbass professional athlete.

At this point, beat writers can pretty much use the following template to quickly and efficiently write a brief story on an arrested player. It would go something like this:

(Insert name)  was arrested early yesterday morning in downtown (insert city). He was charged with (public intoxication/DUI/domestic battery/assault).

According to police, (insert name) was told to leave (a scene of a crime/a downtown nightclub/his girlfriend’s apartment complex) when he began to hurl insults at the arresting officer. (Insert name) had a strong odor of (alcohol/marijuana/alcohol and marijuana), police said.

When he refused to (leave the scene of the crime/undergo a field sobriety test), (insert name) was placed under arrest.

As he was being arrested, (insert name) said, according to police, “Do you know who I am? I’m an NFL player and I’m going to sue your ass.”

That last quote was taken straight from Kevin Acee’s San Diego Union-Tribune story on the arrest of Naanee, who was taken down for public intoxication and resisting arrest early Saturday morning in Indianapolis (presumably downtown).

These guys will never learn that, a) being a professional athlete will usually only encourage the arresting officer to bring the heat, and b) everything they say while being arrested can and will be used against them in both a court of law and the court of public opinion. Naanee had to realize that his comments would be game for publishing, and now he looks like even more of a tool.

Acee mentions that Naanee is probably done in a Chargers uniform. Considering his injury history, the way in which he failed to step up in the absence of Vincent Jackson in 2010 and this arrest, he might have a hard time finding work elsewhere.