• The latest shot fired across the bow of good NFL labour relations came Monday night when the league filed a charge against the union, citing unfair labour practices. The charged submitted to the National Labour Relations Board stated that the union has “consistently failed to negotiate in good faith,” a charge that was quickly and predictably refuted by union spokesman George Attallah. The barb-throwing is only just beginning, and we’ll keep you updated with our daily lockout watch.
  • The least surprising move in the early days of the offseason is now official, with the Eagles placing their franchise tag on Michael Vick.
  • The Patriots confirming their tagging of offensive lineman Logan Mankins can also be filed under not-so surprising because it was heavily reported last week.
  • Just a few short years ago, Michael Strahan was crushing quarterbacks. And later this year, his signature gap-toothed grin could be replacing daytime talk show legend Regis Philbin.
  • If the NFL wants to return to its regularly scheduled programming sooner rather than later, and squash any thought of losing football next fall, getting Panthers owner Jerry Richardson out of the negotiating room sounds like a logical first step.
  • Ignore the actual news in this New York Post story, which is regarding Rex Ryan‘s inevitable prediction a few days ago that his Jets will win the Super Bowl next year (if there is a Super Bowl). I just can’t stop staring at the picture of big ol’ Rex schmoozing courtside while wearing a Knicks jersey and dogtags. He looks like one of the many poor, misguided souls in high school who thought they were pioneering that hat on sideways, clothes five sizes too big look that was always attractive to future employers.
  • Don’t be fooled by their menacing glares and public charade, because Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith are really a match made in heaven. Just look at the Valentine’s day Card Goodell sent to Smith.
  • Maybe the fact that I’m loosely delving into college football for the second straight day in this space is a sign of the times in our lockout-laden football news cycle. And if that’s the case then I sure hope those suits with large pocketbooks and expensive watches can find peace and solidarity soon enough, because we’re officially only into day 9 of the offseason. Or maybe there’s just been some rather hilarious college football-related antics I can’t resist, like Justin Bieber having Mike Gundy‘s infamous “I’m a man!” rant as his ring tone, and Gundy countering with some ringtone fun of his own…

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