Once the mental and physical pounding of the NFL season concludes, many players rack up some air miles to release stress before offseason training activities begin in a few months. The need to escape is certainly understandable, but for Rams running back Steven Jackson it nearly became very dangerous this year.

Jackson’s globetrotting since his last snap has mostly been concentrated on the South Pacific, and just two days ago he was in Christchurch, New Zealand, the region that was hit by a massive earthquake earlier today. Jackson tweeted that he left Christchurch two days ago, well before the earthquake. He was thankful that god watched over him.

Measured at a magnitude of 6.3, it was initially reported there were 65 people confirmed dead, but local authorities have now adjusted that number to 32. However, it’s estimated the death toll will reach close to 300 once the cleanup is complete.

Prime minister John Key said he may be “witnessing New Zealand’s darkest day.”

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