If you’re one of the 4,849,857 who have already seen UConn quarterback Johnny McEntee putting on a trick-shot magic show, here’s a chance to experience an encore performance. If you have yet to see the video — I was one of you until earlier today — then prepare to be mesmerized by awesomeness.

Yes, I’m fully aware that this video has been floating around for two weeks, but it’s never too late for this kind of entertainment.

Pretty amazing, eh? I mean, it’s obvious that some of the content is edited. I’m pretty sure “Johnny Mac” didn’t hit every one of those throws on the first take, but the fact that he was able to make them at all is sick.

What’s also pretty amazing is that McEntee is actually a backup quarterback, and he’s never thrown a pass in an actual game. How can I guy be that accurate and have that much arm strength and not be a starter? Well, McEntee’s only a sophomore and with 2010 starter Zach Frazer moving on this offseason, the UConn quarterback position is wide open.

Getting almost 5 million YouTube views is sweet, but McEntee just needs one dude to see this vid: new Connecticut coach Paul Pasqualoni.

Hat tip: My uncle John.