Anything Justin Bieber can do, Rex Ryan can do better.

The Biebs recently appeared in a series of episodes on CSI–the original one that’s based in Las Vegas–and was shot to pieces. Jets head coach Rex Ryan and general manager Mike Tannenbaum will hope to avoid the smoking gun when they make a cameo on the set of CSI: New York.

The appearance will be taped today at the show’s Los Angeles studios, and will air sometime later this spring. How Ryan ranks in the rich pantheon of NFL crime drama face time is a tough debate.

Tony Soprano is the kingpin of New York, and will send a fleet of stereotyped Italians after anyone who dares to mess with his family. So being on the big guy’s good side gives you some serious social capital. But while the Jets fanbase was busy not trusting Eric Mangini’s football competence, the producers of The Sopranos wouldn’t even give Ryan’s predecessor a single line…

Green bay wide receiver Greg Jennings was deemed to be far more trustworthy with an acting role, and parlayed his pass-catching ability into a few seconds of cleaning up a murder on Criminal Minds…

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