Top 50 stories of the year: 10-6

10. Patriots break turnover record: This was supposed to be the year in which the Patriots would finally fall from the top. The defence was too young; the offence had lost too many crucial parts. But that didn’t happen. They didn’t get back to the Super Bowl, but the Pats were the best team in football for the majority of the 2010 season. Tom Brady threw a record-breaking 334 pass attempts without an interception, while the team as a whole turned it over just 10 times — a new NFL record.

9. Seahawks upset Saints: The fact that the horrible Seahawks made the playoffs despite a 7-9 record was enough to put them on the list earlier. The fact that they somehow shocked the defending Super Bowl champions on wild-card weekend got them into the top 10. Despite being a double-digit underdog, Seattle rallied at home and took care of the Saints, thanks in part to an unforgettable run from Marshawn Lynch:

8. Brett Favre struggles on the field: At the age of 40, Brett Favre had the best statistical season of his career. At 41, he had the worst. Myriad injuries and off-field distractions slowed Favre down as his numbers plummeted in 2010. Dudes such as Alex Smith, Sam Bradford, Chad Henne and even Matt Hasselbeck had higher passer ratings than No. 4, who finished with 11 touchdowns and 19 interceptions in 13 starts.

7. Brett Favre struggles off the field: But Favre made even bigger headlines for his off-field antics, which blew up after Deadspin introduced the world to Brett Favre, Jr. Jenn Sterger’s name became synonymous with Favre’s as he became the butt of sex jokes worldwide.

6. Randy Moss: For four short weeks, Favre and Moss actually crossed paths in Minnesota. But that was just the midway point on Moss’ sad three-team NFL tour in 2010. After talking his way out of New England (the best move the Pats made all year), Moss was so unproductive and such a nuisance in the Gopher State that Brad Childress risked his job by cutting him without consulting with his bosses. Moss was then passed on by 30 of the remaining 31 teams, landing in Nashville, where he proceeded to make a grand total of six catches in eight games.